n-Butyl Magnesium Chloride Solution (in THF)

Chemical Name : n-Butyl Magnesium Chloride Solution (in THF)

Synonyms : Butyl magnesium chloride, n-butylmagnesium chloride, BuMgCl
CAS No. : 693-04-9
Molecular Formula : CH3(CH2)3Mg.Cl
Formula weight : 116.87 gm/mol

N-Butyl Magnesium Chloride (24%/2M) solution molecular formula is CH3(CH2)3Mg.Cl and It is used as carbonyl compounds
Packed in narrow mouth opening MS/HDPE Drums under nitrogen atmosphere.
  1. It is used and reacts with carbonyl compounds, reacts with other electrophiles formation of bonds to B,Si,P and sn,
  2. It is also used to participate in carbon-carbon coupling reactions, nucleophillic aliphatic substraction and elimination reations etc.,

* None

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