Magnesium Tertiary Butoxide

Chemical Name : Magnesium Tertiary Butoxide

Synonyms : Magnesium tert- butoxide, Magnesium di-tert- butoxide, Magnesiumtert- butoxide, Magnesium 2- methylpropan-2-olate
CAS No. : 32149-57-8
Molecular Formula : (C4H9O)2Mg / C18H18MgO2
Formula weight : 170.53 gm/mol

The organic compound of magnesium tert-butoxide is an auxiliary product for organic synthesis and its molecular formula is (C4H9O)2Mg. Molecular weight of it is 170.53gm/mol.
90 kgs and 85 kgs of net material packed in double lined polythene bags under nitrogen atmosphere. These packets are packed under nitrogen blanket into a ring lock MS/HDPE container with top lid removable.
  1. Used as an Auxiliary product for Organic Synthesis, used as a raw material for the Manufacture of Anti retroviral Drugs.

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