Sodium Hexamethyl Disilazide (in THF)

Chemical Name : Sodium Hexamethyl Disilazide (in THF)

Synonyms : Sodium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide, N-Sodiohexamethyldisilazane, NaHMDS
CAS No. : 1070-89-9
Molecular Formula : C6H18NSi2Na
Formula weight : 183.38 gm/mol

Sodium HexamethylDisilazide is abbreviated as sodium HMDS and it is an organosilicon compound. This strong base is used for deprotonation reactions or base-catalyzed reactions.
175/180 kgs net material packed in 200 Ltrs capacity M.S/HDPE Drum under nitrogen blanket or as per customer requirement.
  1. Sodium Hexamethyl Disilazide widely used as metalation agent in Organic Synthesis

* Highly flammable, corrosive

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