Sodium Tertiary Butoxide

Chemical Name : Sodium Tertiary Butoxide

Synonyms : Sodium tert-butoxide, Sodium t-butoxide, Sodium 2-methylpropan-2-olate
CAS No. : 865-48-5
Molecular Formula : C4H9ONa
Formula weight : 96.11 gm/mol

Sodium Tertiary Butoxide can be called as sodium t-butoxide and its cas no is 865-48-5.It can be used with butyllithium to give super base
5 kgs of net material packed in double lined polythene bags under nitrogen atmosphere. 20nos of such packets are packed under nitrogen blanket into a 200Ltrs capacity ring lock steel container with top lid removable.
  1. Sodium Tertiary Butoxide is used for deprotonation in the reaction types of alkylation’s, condensations, elimination,isomerizations and rearrangement
  2. In addition, STB can be used with butyl lithium to give “super base

* It is flammable and moisture sensitive

Mahidhara chemicals private limited is the leading manufacturer for sodium tertiary butoxide in India. We uses the latest technology for the production of sodium tertiary butoxide. Sodium tertiary butoxide is used widely in the pharmaceutical industry as non-nucleophilic base. With n-Butyl lithium it can be used as the super base for various chemical reactions. The product shows similar reactivity to that of Sodium tertiary Butoxide. It is also used for deprotonation in reaction types of allylations, condensations, elimination, isomerizations and rearrangement. Our team is well equipped to handle the manufacturing and packaging of STB as per the requirement.